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     Summary of Main CRISP results.

Deliverables list


date Month
nation level



D1.1 Functional specification of highly distributed grids 6 PU
D1.2 Market-oriented online supply-demand matching 18 PU
D1.3 Distributed generation as a mean to increase system robustness 24 PU
D1.4 Fault detection and diagnostics in high-DG distribution systems 18 PU
D1.5 Intelligent load shedding 25 PU
D1.6 Information security models and their economics 25 PU
D1.7 Distributed Network Architectures 29 PU
D1.8 Case Study Simulations and Results 36 PU
D2.1 Requirements Specifications of Intelligent ICT Simulation Tools for Power Applications 12 CO (upgraded to PU)
D2.2 Simulation tool for Market-Oriented Supply Demand Matching 27 CO
D2.3 Simulation tool for fault detection and diagnosis in high-degree DG systems 24 CO (upgraded to PU)
D2.4 Dependable ICT support of Power Grid Operations 25 CO (upgraded to PU)
D3.1 Specification of Experiments and Test Setup 25;28 RE (upgraded to PU)
D3.2 Results of Experiments and Tests 42 RE
  A Experiment A 42  
  B Experiment B 36  
  C Experiment C 36  
D3.3 Analysis of Experiments and Tests and Recommendations for strategic use of intelligent ICT in high-degree DG systems 43 RE
D4.1 Dissemination and Use Plan 9 PU
D4.2 Exploitation plans 18;36;
D4.3 Compilation report of publications 36 PU
D5.1 Bi-annual progress reports, including MTA at month 18 6-45 CO
D5.2 Annual Cost statements and management control reports 13;25;
D5.3 Final Summary Report 45 PU

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