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The CRISP project is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, involving power engineering and network distribution operations for DG (concentrated in WP I), ICT computer and information science technical expertise and related software and tool development (concentrated in WP II), and industrial experiments and laboratory as well as field tests (concentrated in WP III). This project design philosophy ensures that a comprehensive RTD approach is achieved:
definition, analytical study and simulation of novel ICT-enabled operating strategies for power networks with high degrees of distributed generation;
associated intelligent distributed IT developments and tools to realize these strategies;
implementation and test of these strategies in practical experiments in lab and field sites in different countries.
This comprehensive approach is directly visible in the project breakdown, as it immediately maps onto Work packages I, II and III. In addition, there are separate work packages for the CRISP dissemination and exploitation activities (WP IV), and for its overall project management (WP V).

The results of WP I and WP II feed in into the experimental WP III. In the second year of the project especially, the parallelism offers the opportunity (necessary in our opinion) to create a direct interaction and feedback loop between the theoretical, tool, and experimental parts of the project.

The Work packages consist of the following subtasks:

WP I:ICT-enabled scenarios and strategies for high-DG power networks
WP1. Functional specification of the grid with high degrees of DG
WP1.2 Cost-efficient distribution through market-oriented online demand-supply matching
WP1.3 Distributed Generation as a means to increase system robustness
WP1.4 Fault detection, analysis and diagnostics in high-DG distributed systems
WP1.5 Intelligent load shedding
WP1.6 Network security models and their economics
WP1.7 Highly distributed network architectures and simulation

WP II:Intelligent distributed ICT development and tools for power applications
WP2.1 Business, application and ICT technology requirements for tools
WP2.2 Multi-agent based simulation tool for market-oriented distributed demand-supply matching
WP2.3 Simulation tool for fault detection and diagnostics in high-DG power networks
WP2.4 Decision support tool for network security models and their economics

WP III:Implementation, Experiments and Tests
WP3.1 Experiments and tests set-up specification and preparation
WP3.2 Conducting experiments and tests
WP3.3 Evaluation and integration of experiment and test results, recommendations for strategic use of intelligent ICTs in power networks

WP IV:Dissemination and Exploitation

WP V:Project management


Project Planning

crisp planning

Graphical representation of Project Components (PERT diagram)


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