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The CRISP project aims to investigate, develop and test how latest advanced intelligence by ICT technologies can be exploited in a novel way for cost-effective, fine-grained and reliable monitoring, management and control of power networks that have a high degree of Distributed Generation and RES penetration. The opportunities for interactive power networks to create new possible control mechanisms that create flexibility and self-managing networks will be shown. Normal and emergency operations are investigated covering different time scales. Insight in performance, security and architecture of highly distributed systems will be made available. Technical availability, functionality and economic cost-benefit considerations will be integrated. Results will contribute to better regional monitoring and control of local distribution in the EU-network.

Description of the work

The work is divided into five work packages:
  • In "WP I: ICT-enabled scenarios and strategies for high-DG power networks" innovative ICT-enabled strategies and study scenarios are developed for enhancing system robustness against disturbances with important social and economical aspects, better demand-supply matching in a deregulated environment, fault detection, localisation/diagnose and optimal ways of utilising RES into various types of advanced power distribution networks. Intelligent load shedding, networks security models and highly distributed network architectures are studied.
  • "WP II: Intelligent distributed ICT developments and tools for power application" focuses on development of distributed intelligence ICT requirements, specifications, simulation tools and prototype software for the scenarios and strategies of the WP I and the associated experiments and tests of WP III. Business, application and ICT requirements are defined, a multi-agent based simulation tool for market-oriented distributed demand-supply matching is developed as well as a simulation tool for fault detection and diagnostics and for decision support for network security models. Electronic markets and intelligent agent algorithms and architectures for power applications will be investigated and defined.
  • "WP III: Implementation, Experiments and Tests" includes several experiments, laboratory and field tests in different countries using the scenarios and strategies developed for distributed intelligence in power networks, tools and components, in WP I and WP II.
  • "WP IV: Dissemination and Exploitation" contains dissemination activities, exploitation plans are made and results are promoted and published.
  • "WP V: Project management" covers the management and organisational aspects.


  • Description of a new architectures of the distributed power grid.
  • Models for ICT-enabled strategies, covering various operational situations.
  • Simulation tools resulting in a library of algorithms and software architectures of e-markets & intelligent agents for power applications.
  • Experiments and tests in different countries, giving practical recommendations for strategic use of intelligent ICTs in high-DG power networks.

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